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JGLM DHT Divine Healing Technician Training

John G Lake Ministries DHT

John G Lake Ministries DHT Divine Healing Technician Training provides foundational training for Bible Based Divine Healing.

Download the Levin, New Zealand DHT Training by JGLM, from (an New Zealand Apostolic Denomination) here. website states”

JGLM say, “Join us today as Brother Curry Blake teaches Divine Healing Technicians to reproduce reporducers that reproduce reproducers.

Brother Adam Blochowiack who is visiting to teach here in NZ is a reproducer. He is the product of a DVD, perhaps the same one you watched. His current focus in Australia right is to supervise another reproducer who produces reproducers nationwide. He does that with LifeTeams.

Where can I buy a copy of the DHT Training?

Here is a link to the DHTT in the store – MP3 Download.
Divine Healing Technician Training (Official Version – Melbourne Florida – USA)
Here is a link to the DHTT in the store – DVD only.

The purpose of the DHTT is to review and kill the “Sacred Cows” that creep into the pasture of the Lord’s flock.

Why does the DHTT talk about “Sacred Cows”?

Traditions of men or doubt about what God’s Word really means breed belief in the validity of “Sacred Cow” beliefs. These beliefs typically provide reasons why healing is not happening, which prevents a Bible Believer from exercising a “perfect” healing practise.

DHT Trainers such as Brother Adam can come to places such as Rangiora, or Levin to do short training stints.
They want to expose others to the life saving power of the gospel, and help believers kill the “Sacred Cows” that prevent healing taking place. Their final objective is to clear the way for people to stand up and say, “I’ll be accountable, I’ll start a LifeTeam, I’ll organise people to reach out and change their world.