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Do you feel defeated as a Bible believer?

Get some inspiration on who a Bible Believer is in Christ.
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Regular New Covenant Live Stream Bible Teaching:

Can be found on Facebook from Texas, Dominion Life Church (DLC). Here is a current link to the JGLM YouTube videos.

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If you really want to be kept up to date with John G Lake Ministries, and find like-minded people, with Bible-based answers, then start by looking up

Help with Bible memory

Over and over again JGLM and other ministries who see results in healing, and other important areas of Christian living say this one thing. Transform your thinking to be in line with God’s Word.

It is my experience that a Bible Believer will really struggle to see any lasting demonstration of power over the works of the devil without transforming their thinking.

The Bible Memory App helps with that. Here is a link.
The Bible Memory App
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How to find a Scripture on a topic in the Bible

Where to find a reliable KJV Bible online